There is a brilliant presenter at ARTSOUND called Barbie Robinson.

Every Wednesday afternoon Barbie hosts an on-air program called 'Write On'.  It is for anyone local (or in the local area at the time) who has written a book and wants to share it with the local community. Firstly, its a great way to promote your efforts in writing but it is also a great start at public speaking, especially if you're a nervous person like me. The recording session is relaxed, everything is very calm and Barbie is just great at asking questions and helping people (me!) get through the stumbling, mumbling and trying to think of the right word scenes.


The program can be found here:


Alternatively, you can email Barbie direct :


Wherever you are, if you are a writer, I would strongly recommend you get in touch with your local radio station, as I am sure they would love to have you on their show.